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Ass Jazz vol 3 compilation HEAVY
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pro-CDr comes in shrink wrapped case! limited to 100 copies USA $12


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Mental Hygiene Terroism Orchestra
Zloty Dawai
Lords of Outland
GIF Problem
A Fashionable Disease
Phog Masheen
Meat Glue
Botched Facelift
|˟˟| (gate)
limited to 100 shrink wrapped pro-CDrs

Helter Skelter: A Noise Tribute to Charles Manson pro cassette compilation

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$8 USA

comes on pro chrome cassette limited to 50 shrink wrapped copies
Side ONE
1. Jason "Evil" Covelli "Charles Helter Skelter Manson pt1"
2. Inbreeder "Garbage Dump"
3. Foot & Mouth Disease "Don't Do Anything Illegal"
4. Swollen Organs "Cease To Exist"
5. Jason "Evil" Covelli "Charles Helter Skelter Manson pt 2"
6. Gnawed "Who To Blame"
7. Irrelevant Mouth "Sick City"
8. Jason "Evil" Covelli "Charles Helter Skelter Manson pt 3"
9. Botched Facelift "Ego"
10. Silver Moult "Look At Your Love"
11. Jason "Evil" Covelli "Charles Helter Skelter Manson pt4"
Side TWO
12. Rape-X "People Say I'm No Good"
13. Demonologists "Look At Your Game Girl"
14. Hell Garbage "I'll Never Say Never To Always (Rape-X remix)"
15. Jason "Evil" Covelli "Charles Helter Skelter Manson pt 5"
16. Fake Object "Close To Me"
17. Overdose The Katatonic "Give Your Love"
18. Jason "Evil" Covelli "Charles Helter Skelter Manson pt 6"
19. Forbidden Colors "Mechanical Man"
20. Peasant "Home Is Where You're Happy"
21. Madame Deficit "Big Iron Door (This Hand That Pulled The Trigger)"
22. Jason "Evil" Covelli "Charles Helter Skelter Manson pt7"

Botched Facelift "The Living Wasteland" CD

Hand numbered limited release of 35 copies.

USA $7


Preview Tracks:
"Initiatory Junk Sickness" "No Justice" "Parasite Void" "The Living Wasteland"

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A Noise Tribute to Rudimentary Peni-The Pet Goat #92


1. "Nightgaunts" Lycanthrope Legions of Noise
2. "The Rain" Clutches
3. "Annihilation" Rape-X
4. "I'm a Dream" Silver Moult
5. "Zenophobia/Gentlemen Prefer Blood" Iron Oxide
6. "Only Death" Shibek Shibek
7. "Tower of Weakness" Mother
8. "A Handful of Dust" жертва талидомида
9. "Crazed Couplet" Botched Facelift
Limited 25 hand-numbered CD-Rs
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+DOG+ "God Bless You _______ Wherever You Are"
Smiley face
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Botched Facelift "Pure Innards" online art installation

interactive online noise art installation

Lycanthrope Legions of Noise "Human Blood" CD-r $7

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USA $7


Botched Facelift �Total Annihilation of the Ego�

Listen to the sample tracks from the new cassette


S/T A Fashionable Disease CD. pet goat/roil noise split release



track listing:
1. Pyramid Scheme (8:17)
2. Fuck (2:52)
3. Superbowl in Iraq (3:37)
4. TG8ILMFDH9L (13:51)


7" USA


AQUARIUS RECORDS REVIEW: Totally ass kicking and weirdly fucked brutality fills this little 7" from Santa Cruz's own, A Fashionable Disease! Another one of those what the fuck, seemingly impossible combinations of influences, synthesized in such a unique and successful way, that makes us kind of scratch our heads and lament that we haven't been turned on sooner. How do you describe this? Maybe filthyfreejazzcrustyfiedsatanicdamagedgrindpunkavantskronk? Or maybe just Crass meets Ayler meets Pig Destroyer meets Sun Ra meets Schoenberg meets Anal Cunt meets Mahavishnu. We don't fucking know, but it rules! Super demented, ultra damaged grind-jazz, complete with horn section! Putrid angular metallic guitar discordance, feculent terrorist manifesto screeched vocals, growling horns, blasting drums. The first cut, "Veal Medallions" starts with a blast of feedback before hurling into a psychotically chromatic guitar and piano line, ending up in a blasting tumult of throat tearing vocals and frenetically crazed drumming! Some of the lyrics from this number kind of sum up what these fellas are about... "skulls converge ruins/ rainbows ejaculate onto your face/ quiet in the piss-stained evening/ spring wind blows perfume of 1,000 rotting carcasses...". Fuck yes. The rest of the 7" is just as killer. Totally fucked and totally great! For fans of Zorn, Bathtub Shitter, Rudimentary Peni, Crass, Coltrane, Dystopia, Cecil Taylor, or anything filthy, proggy, grindy, avant-jazzy, and totally shredding! Recommended!
7" Contains the tracks: Veal Medallions, Sex With Dead Soldiers, and The Contractor

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